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” Definitely my go to case, wouldn’t want any other 2 in 1 ”
– J.R.
– R.G.
” Outstanding customer service ~ love the case!
Absolutely recommend Dreem and there products!
I would give them more than 5 stars if I could! ”
– B.
“Tried others much more expensive and come back to this one every time for my iPhone”

– Nola Judy

” Well constructed. I have purchased 5 for my family and all are very happy with them. ”

– Teetime



How do you submit a warranty claim/register for warranty?
Just drop us an email at and explain the issue and someone from our Customer Service team will get back to you in five hours or less.
Is the protection of the case sufficient to keep my phone from being damaged?
The Fibonacci is carefully engineered with just enough protection for acceptable but not guaranteed protection. Fibonacci users are those who balance the attractiveness and practicality of of their case with satisfactory protection of the dual case design. We recommend screen protectors and/or damage insurance if that is a priority.
Can you answer the phone without opening the case?
Yes! With Voice Control, Siri can be programmed to answer the iPhone touch free. The standard method is simply open the folio, answer the call and then re-close the folio, for convenient and crystal clear communications.
How many cards fit into the slots?
We recommend a maximum of 6 cards, 2 cards per slot. More than that is possible to not recommended as the pockets may stretch or the case may not close as easily. It’s not exclusively a wallet. It’s a wallet case to include things you may need from a wallet and your phone occupying the same space.
Will credit cards damage my phone screen?
Nope. Never a single report of this happening in more than three years of the Fibonacci lifespan.
Do you have to fold USD to fit it into the wallet?
Yes. Simply folding the bills in half longways provides is perfect for easy cash access from the Fib.
Will the magnets 1) damage credit cards, 2) drain my battery ?
Short answer, No and No. It’s a fair question as its one we routinely get. We are happy to report we have not had any instances where the case magnets have caused a problem for magnetized credit cards or abnormal battery draining scenarios.
Does the case include glass protector?
Not included but easily adaptable.
Can I use this with a magnetic car mount?
Yes! The Fibonacci works quite well with any universal magnetic vent mount.
Do you have to remove the phone from inner case to connect to a speaker/charger?
Not necessary. The earphone jack is easily accessible inside the inner case and folio.
Can you add a wristlet?
On our upcoming version to be released Late Spring 2018, yes! On existing previous models, no.

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